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1 8%
Sewn Silent
7 54%
Can I Kiss You Reaper
2 15%
2 15%
From The Sword To The Slain
1 8%
Voters: 13.


I sat within the confides of the veranda off the back of the hotel in downtown New York. The skyline was just barely visible from the angle I was at. The sun going down to the left of me certainly warranted a second look as it hit each building exactly the same. I quivered in chills at what I saw. The skyline was engrossed in thick flames.Rapidly firemen defiled around the area, engraving the streets with hoses. Hours passed and the sunset grew into a sunrise. This time the light hit the hallowed out buildings with a black shine. No one survived the blaze, and bodies still lay crossed in the streets today.

Sewn Silent

With a chloroform kiss you stole my breath
Now there is nothing left for me to hold on to
I'm reaching for a grasp of air
But my hands return with nothing there
I'm drowning in your devotion
You imprisoned me in your world with no means of escape
Chained me to that broken wall with evidence of faith
The cross that hangs above my head warrants no relief
You'll always be a exquisite sinner to me

(spoken bridge)
I can't tell how many tears I've cried
My cheeks are deadend to their touch
And the silver string quivers in your hand

Needles laced with Novocain pierce my lips
You wanted me to be perfect
Perfectly mute like your silent movie stars
I'm sewn silent now and beautiful you say

With an anesthetic touch you stole my soul
Now I'm nothing more than hallow
I'm left to be your marionette
You have control with one simple heartstring
My body is no longer mine, it's your for the defiling
You numbed me, carved me, made me your own
I'm everything you invisioned for me
The trophy wife who won't say a thing

(spoken bridge)
I can't tell gow many tears I've cried
My cheeks are deadened to their touch
And the blades glitter in your hands

Rusted scissors are cold against my lips
They cut the binding so effortlessly
I've forgotten what a voice feels like in my throat
I'm somatoform silent now and beautiful you say

With delusions of grandure you were playing God
Now that the flame is perishing in your amber eyes
Your demise is on a rapid decline
I thought your involvement was a sick seduction
Not everything is spelled out in black and white chalk lines on the street
But you never wanted to hear me call for you from the veranda
I'm somatoform and sewn silent
I'm beatuiful you say


Desiree, sweet baby Desiree
Your eyes painted black with fallen glee
As you watch my charred ashes
Be washed to the sea

Desiree, sweet baby Desiree
Remembering the passion that enchants our soul
Whilst sitting under the verandacounting the stars
Yet, now all you can do is quiver in the cold

They broke all the pictures of you and I
Without a warrant they defiled our lives
You remain in that Hell bound shelter
As I whistle away in the morning wind

A cross now takes the place of my mortal body
But now I speak to you ever so softly
In the breeze that blows, or the rap of the rain
I will be with you, forever in spirit

My hallow grave weeps as you come by to bless it
Together the two of you share a tear of pain
A drop falls from your eye, wishing we were still one
From my grave comes the sound of an agonized heart

If only you knew that we were still one
If only I could speak to you one last time
Come over to the water and listen to the raindrops fall
Come walk through the carved canyons, where you can hear me sing in the wind

Desiree, sweet baby Desiree
I loath the thought of time to rapidly taking your sweet life away
And I remorse the thought, that I am to excited for that moment
For then, we will again be joined

And our love will join us together amongst the stars
Whose love have persevered through life and death
Forever admitting them into Gods cemetery of light
As their flame burns, for all the mortal couples to cherish

Desiree, my sweet beloved angel
We are again

Can I Kiss You Reaper?

I dined with the reaper long ago, near
Where the Willamette?s trickles flowed,
And whilst the rain did patter softly,
As I remember, we started on our meal. And
We spoke in tongues I?ve never tread,
Speech blindly soaked in kerosene-well,
As the carved wick dwindled down we drank our wine.

And this is how we spent the meal,
And we both did sit the whole meal through,
He talked of times long passed and gone and
I nodded in rhyme with his crossed burning eyes.

But when I asked him what became of life
He slowly stood to take his leave, and
His rosy black locks of flame and robe of quivering fame,
Waved away under existence?s veranda, and he
Faded away into the hallowed
Streets below, past where the Willamette?s rapids flowed.

So I never got the chance to kiss his lips,
And now natural splendor is but a defiled myth.

??Tis a shame? said I ??Tis a shame?
?That a being so beautiful
Warrants such beauty;
and now the beauty is gone.?

?From the Sword to the Slain?

I must resist theses temptations
For the thought makes me quiver
Forever left to decisions and grandeur
This land I will carve, in blood I will deliver

Bleeding into our visceral mortality
In my mind, an umbral drain
By my hand you will be set free
From the sword to the slain

My empire; my ruin, my Sparta, your Rome
A passage in history, the pathos on a cross
This rule paved in life but revered in death
I warrant the end by the shadows now lost

The legions will endlessly hallow my name
For blood will eternally flow
The flames will never burn the Elysian Fields
In I, the gods bestowed

The conflict will forever create
These lesions on my soul
A scar, a void, entranced in black
I?ve come too far, I can?t turn back...

Just for one last time I wish an embrace
On the veranda, my people listen in awe
But I have fallen to the strife, rapidly below
Defiled in essence, my life now withdrawn

Bleeding into our visceral mortality
In my mind, an umbral drain
By my hand you will be set free
From the sword to the slain
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?
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uh... I dont know if it will change anything, but you cant see the pink in the original skin very well and it might (although subconciously) sway the voting a little bit. Not complaining though, you've done an excellent job setting this entire come up
yeah it's cause i hate you synth... and mostly because i didn't realize it till now. but mostly because i hate you....

Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?
Can i kiss you reaper? takes the cake, well done synth
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the fourth one got my vote but i really did like most of them
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