does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to start a band, how to get people to join, anything like that

it would just be for fun for now, not playin gigs or ne thing

(im 15 if that makes a difference)
meet people that play, go to local shows. it might be easier to joing a band instead of making your own, if you feel like you are ready to join a band. IMO, gettting your own together is hard work. But all you can do is start meeting people and make friends, you dont want to play with people you acnt get along with, especially if its just for fun. good luck.

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how long have you been playing and how loud is you're amp?

Edit: you'd probably get to know a lot more in a band than what you know now, musically
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this needs to be in the Promote Your Band area of the forum.

but yeah. if you go to guitar lessons ask your teacher if he knows any musicians your age. see if they wanna join. just keep an eye out i guess.