i have a problem, maybe its nothing, anyways..........

i'm a pretty good guitar player, not great by any means. my question is this: when i play, im having fun and all it sound great, but im way to stiff on stage, basically im just standing there.......i try moving around jumping around while playing but it all seems like im forcing myself to do that, it doesnt seem right. so is there something i can to on stage to losen up, or is standing there fine?
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Screw that. You want to sound good more than you want to look good. With plenty of practice, when you can practically play songs in your sleep, you can focus on jumping around and whatnot.

'till then, some of the greatest guitarists just bob their head a little or close their eyes. That, in my opinion, looks more passionate and dedicated than dive-bombing the drummer.

But I suppose if you think it's important, you've just got to develop a rhythm.
Personally, id say abit of both. You cant just stand on stage frozen still playing a riff, it just looks stupid. You need to add a vibe, and a feel to what you are doing, try working on this, as in my opinion is cruticial
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You're there to make a good sound.. put all your energy into the guitar

Have you ever performed at/even been to a live show?

A band just standing there, no matter how good, is not going to be enjoyed as much as a band that is really feeling it and going crazy.

However, if you are forcing yourself to move, then you will probably look like a jerk to the audience. You've just got to feel the music and get pumped and get into it. Just make sure that you're playing is not affected drastically.

I've got some examples to back this up.

I went to a battle of a bands the other week and out of the seven that were there, I'l use three.

There were one, Munching Limbs, a punk band, that did the whole shebang. Dressed up in outlandish costumes, got the crowd onstage, talked to the audience and just generally ran around. But my god they were ****house. Absouloutely butchered every song they played. But the crowd still had a good time, the mosh was still happening. Basically the music was ****, but the energy was good.

This isn't really where you want to be.

Next, you've got some cover band who didn't talk at all and just reeled of the setlist with little movement. They were fairly talented, but people were still walking out.

You don't want to be here either.

You want the best of both worlds, so try to get into the music and move about.
pokescab, that was two examples, unless the you want the best of both worlds was another?
Ok man.. here's what you do. You find the beat and you jump on it. Like.. literally jump on it. I've played live a few times and when I was doing I would jump and land+ jump back up on the strong beats. Then if you go on a solo, all you have to do is like slide across the stage in front of the singer and start shreeding it on your knees... no movement. Or if you wanna be funny you could hump your guitar on the beat. Other than that, just like everything else its all practice.