use the search button before you get flamed, my friend.

oh and by the way, it's spelled "easiest"
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smoke on the water
by song though do you just mean the recognizable riff?
I have been confused myself as a newb when people are saying "don't you know a song yet" I don't know if they mean the recognizable riff or the song in its entirety
[quote="'[Creative Name"]']yeah Seven Nation Army is the easiest song I've ever played/heard...

Nah... Brain Stew is by far the easiest ever, if you cannot play 5 power chords over and over, you don't need to play guitar. Find another instrument.
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How long have you been playing?

I think its probably All the Small Things.
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Last Kiss is pretty frickin easy as well.
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anything by green day should be no problem..

but green day is annoying IMO
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smells like teen spirit is pretty damn easy, seven nation army, green day, blink 182, any pop music (i think, i avoid pop) but learning easy songs doesnt help you learn, i was stuck in one place for ages cos i wasnt going into harder stuff, then i satrted playing black sabbath, metallica, ozzy, thin lizzy, all the greats
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