This is really pissing me off, I've had to go through 5 strings, and all of em broke before they got to the right tuning. This is seriously f'ed. Never happened to me before but just recently it started to do it (I have to admit, its a new guitar [warlock] that I got a month ago, first set of strings I put on and tuned worked perfectly then a week in BAM).

I'm using power slinky's (ernie ball), the 48,38,28,18p,14,11 (fattest to thinnest in that order) and the 11 keeps breaking no matter what. And worst of all, I'm not tuning to standard, I'm tuning to Drop B (B, F#, B, E, G#, C#) so theres not as much tension yet it still breaks.

And I dont start turning the tuning knob until it breaks obviously, I turn it up in increments/slowly, like tighten it a bit, then go back to 6th string and tighten and work my way down back to the 1st, all the other strings will tune fine, but when I'm tuning the 1st string to C#, it'll almost always break at A#.

Weirdist thing is, what'll happen is when I'm tuning it (1st string) it'll get to about G#, then all of a sudden it'll just stop going up in pitch, there I am tightening the knob, yet it'll stay at G#, it will not increase (that' swhen u know its about to break) so I have to very quickly back off the tension and loosen the knob (untighten), so the most I can get up to is A#. And ya, I don't tighten it continuosly, I leave it for a bit then go, then leave it for ab it then go so it can hyperextend (the string that is). One time I tightened it to A, then left it overnight then in the morning tightened it again to A# and it broke, no surprise.

Is it the intonation? This is pissing me off, any and all suggestions welcome and sorry for the n00b question oh guitar lords, please have mercy on my soul.
your probably just tuning it too high, i did that one time, i was tuning to standard and accidentally tried to tune it an octave up, but it snapped obviously and it took me awhile to understand why.
this was happenin to my friend, but it turned out later that he was trying to tune an octave too high lol, didnt get very far doin it either.
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sorry for the noob answer here but are you tuning in the right octave? i knew a guy who tried tuning his guitar up too high and busted the strings.... seems like a stupid mistake here but its all i can think of as to why so many would break..... there might also be something sharp around the bit where the strings go into the guitar body (saddels are they called?) that might cut the strings once enough tension is put through them. just a thought.
yeah, if their breaking by the tuning heads then most likely, in the hole where you put your string the edges of that hole are sharp, so when you put tension on the string, the sharp edge breaks it. Other than that, just make sure your tuner is set right.
Ok, when you guys say octave...lol

on my tuner, when I'm tuning, it says on the top right "Key: Eb" (its not a b but the symbol that looks like it).

Also, all the other strings sound fine, like when I tune to B, F#, B, E, G#, C# (that one time that I could actually tune it to C# that is), the strings sound in tune and not an octave higher. How do I "not" tune an octave higher. And should I tune the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings first, then put in the 1st and start tuning, or other way around?

Either way, if I don't figure it out, I'm getting EMG's put in soon so I'll just pay the guy 5 bucks extra to intone it for me and install+tune the strings.
In the process of tuning it, you're probably passing E somewhere along the way. That E is the one you want. What you're going for is the E a whole octave higher, which would require the strings to be way more tense than they can.

Basically, when you tune it to that B or whatever, just start tuning it DOWN until it gets to E. That's the E you want. Do it with the rest of the strings until they're EADGBE. The first time I tried tuning my guitar (like 2 weeks ago, I started playing like a month and a half ago and never had a tuner) I did the same thing and ended up breaking 4 strings...twice. Even if the string you're tuning sounds too low, it's probably not and you're just not realizing it. That's what happened to me.

Once you get it in tune you'll realize what you were doing and it will all make sense and you probably won't make that mistake again.