1. These threads have no value whatsoever. Please post about something that people can talk about.

2. It's System of a Down, so no.
If by, "gratest" you mean, "greatest".


The noise makerers:
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The noise maker louderfiers:
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To the threadstarter:....get the dick out of your left hand...so your not just typing with your right and spelling easy words incorrectly.

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first of all, if you don't like system of a down, you should have your genitals ripped away from you as violently as possible, but there are better songs (most with solos)

second of all, the following people suck and are on their periods:

Repitition GuitarGod610
pyrohotdog GuitarJunkie
^ No its not lol
RHCP Track Of The Week: Funny Face

'QUEEN ARE THE MOST OVERRATED BAND SINCE THE BEATLES' - A controversial comment which I firmly believe.
Aerials was better than anything on the following albums, but no, nowhere ****ing near best song ever.


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