Im quite shocked at the lack of Aerosmith tabs on this site. I mean, for Gods sake is rock and roll dead? Green Day has 1,248 tabs, yet one of the best rock bands of all time only has 373 tabs. Im just thankful that Avenged Sevenfold or Atreyu doesnt have more.

Im proud to say Im only 15 and Im keeping rock and roll alive. To hell with emo/nu metal/hardcore bull****.
GN'R has 560... Green Day 1,200? Well it's not music anyway so don't mind em.
i would like to take this chance to say that green day sucks ass, and if theexperience13 wants to keep rock 'n' roll alive, he/she should get up off their ass and start tabbing him/herself

p.s. aerosmith was better on drugs