Im looking into buying a the Genz Benz diablo stack.

any opinions about the series, heads, cabs, etc. ?

any suggestions would be great. thank you

by the way im buying this amp for metal. that might help in how you advise me. thank you.
what typ eof metal man???
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i know staind uses genz-benz and their sound is pretty nice, i hear they are good amps.
i hear their constomer service is increadable, the owner awnsers everyone, not some representitive
I have the El Diablo 60 W combo and coldn't be happier. The amp is built like a tank, loud as the bejeezus, and can get a pretty amazing variety of tones. It's got all the bells and whistles you could expect form a premium tube amp.

As for choice, you don't have much. There's only the El Diablo series and they only make them in 60W and 100W. As for cabs, they make 2 varieties, each offering 2 models. They have their 'traditional' 2 x 12 and 4 x 12 cabs, and their monster G-Flex bass-ported 2 x 12 and 4 x 12 cabs. I've tried the 2 x 12 traditional cab and I thought it sounded damn good even for metal. It was very nice and punchy with a nice tight low end. The G-Flex cabs are said to be nothing short of monstrous for tone, delivering massive bottom end. I haven't tried one personally, so I can't speak from experience. But the local Genz Benz dealer told me that since he started carrying the brand jsut over a year ago, he's sold more G-Flex 2 x 12 cabs than all his other brands combined. He says that once people jack into one of these, there's no turning back.

As for customer service, Genz Benz have the best I've encountered to date. I did have a problem with my amp about 6 weeks after I got it. Overnight, all of my preamp tubes went microphonic, including a brand new preamp tube that I added. And the sound of the amp changed completely. Something definately was wrong with the amp. It was sent out for warranty repair, but came back sounding the same (as in NOT good).

The store owner retubed it with better tubes, but it still didn't sound right. The Genz Benz rep happened to be in the store the following day and the store owner explained the situation. The rep sent me a brand new amp, no questions asked, along with a note stating that Genz Benz stand behind their products 100% and he'd do whatever it took to make be happy. He also said that he was resetting my warranty from the date that I received the new unit, and not from my original date of purchase. That scores massive points with me in this corporate-driven world where the bottom line is always the main focus. I've never had such an easy time with claiming a warranty before.

The only down side to Genz Benz is their choice of tubes. Ruby tubes suck, and the Ruby Reds they have in this amp are no exception. To me, they're rather dull and the gain they provide is just a touch too sloppy for my taste. Don't get me wrong. The amp sounds great totally stock, or I never would have bought it. But I knew the Ruby tubes would have to go. I retubed my preamp (on my first El Diablo) with a PM 12AX7HG high gain tube in the V1 position, and EH tubes for V2 and V3, and that made a huge difference in tone.

Now that I got my new amp, it's back to all original tubes. I contacted Eurotubes and they have a recommended tube kit for the El Diablo consisting of:

2 x premium graded high gain ECC83S's (Brit name for 12AX7s) for the tone stack - V1 and V2;
1 x graded and balanced ECC83S for phase splitter for V3; and
1 pair E34L (Not EL34) for the power amp.

This whole set is a whopping $57 plus shipping. I'm ordering my set today.

So yeah, it's a great amp all around from a great company.
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I was just surfing the Genz Benz site and it appears that they have a new tube-rectified EL84-powered guitar amp called the Black Pearl. I'm not sure it would be suitable for metal though.
Guitars: Custom Lado Earth 2000-3, Custom ESP Explorer, BC Rich KKV, Gibson LP Studio, Greco SG, El Degas Stratocaster, Agile AL-3000, LTD EX-351

Rig:Marshall JVM410H + Marshall 1960A, Boss Noise Suppressor