I was thinking of buying an Ibanez RG321MH next month (and a Vox ADVT 50), since I've heard lots of good things about it, and I think it suits the things I wanna play as well (classic rock with hints of metal)

One thing I'm concerned about though, is the width of the neck. I have a cheap Behringer-guitar at home, and even though the sound isn't top-notch, it still has a thin and easily-played neck.

How wide is the RG321MH's neck? I find my playing faster and more accurate on thin necks. If the RG321MH's neck is too big, which guitar would you recommend instead in about the same price range?

BTW, my local guitar shop does not have RG321's in stock, so I can't try it there.
The wizard 2 is quite thin actually. This should give you a rough idea.

Scale - 648mm/25.5"
Width at Nut - 43mm
Width at Last Fret - 56mm
Thickness at 1st - 19mm
Thickness at 12th - 21mm
Radius - 400mmR
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Those humbuckers will do ZERO Humbucking, and they'll sound weak and to trebley, plus Vox transistor amps are just Ok, they don't sound that good. Go for a tube amp. The Epiphone Valve Junior or Specials are good, so are almost any Fender tube amp. For a guitar, don't buy a cheap one, they don't sound good, have ****ty pickups, have cheap fretboards and necks that won't be fast at all, so don't even worry about the speed problem, and most will go out of tune every 5 minutes. It sucks but guitars are expensive. I like my Fender American Strat, but they're almost 1000 dollars now. The Epiphone SG's and Les Pauls are pretty good, but don't get a cheap one. Buy a G400 for about 400 dollars or a Les Paul Standard for about 400 or 500, they are pretty good. Ibanez's will go out of tune and will have really rough necks and cheap plastic nuts and tuners that suck. The one kind of cheap(er) guitar are some of the Yamahas. My stepdad has 15 guitars, some of which are custom built by John Suhr (5000$) and he has a few Yamahas, one is a Tele copy, a Pacifica that he put a Seymour Duncan and a Dimarzio rail in for a total of around 300$, and he stands by it and gigs it just as much as he does his Suhrs and Fenders and Gibsons. You can find the Pacificas on eBay for cheap or the Yamaha SGs too, kinda ugly but they play very well, suprisingly.

Hope this helped a bit.
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

The RG321MH is very good, it isnt rough or anything and the neck is smooth since its an unfinished neck. The diecast tuners on those are also quite good and no one had any problem yet and i havent seen a report on one too. Its a fixed and not a floating so no worries bout loss of tuning. The pickups are live-able, nothing special just standard factory but its good if you have a good amp. Its better then the PSND and V8 imo but eventually you might want to upgrade it.

Ibanez make good quality cheap guitar, thats all im saying. The ones you might want to watch out is if they are produced by Ibanez China factory, then it MIGHT (im not saying its totally defect) have a few mistakes. You dont have to worry about the RG321MH since its made from Korea/Japan usually. Ibanez China normally produces lower model such as the GRGs/ GIOs.
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Thanks for the tips, I will measure the neck width of my current guitar and see how the Ibanez compares to it.

As for the amp, while we're at it, would you rather recommend a Roland Cube? Or what amp in that price range would help me get the tone I want (crunchy, classick rock, maybe some heavier metal)

I live in Sweden, so I might not actually get a hold of everything you recommend, but all bigger brands are easy to get here.

Thanks once again.
Cubes are usually for metal and all that coinsides with it. And for classic rock, or plus other genres, you might wanna get the Vox instead. You should have a look and hear the samples urself from their site.

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the Vox is much better than the Cube for crunchy rock type stuff. that's not to say it's bad for metal - it's good for metal, but the Cube is better. but I'd get the Vox because it has a better all-round tone.

and Ibanez Wizard II necks are about as thin as you're going to get in that price range (but not quite as thin as Wizards). hell, Ibanez invented thin necks. Behringer make nothing but cheap low-quality imitations.
Thanks alot, everyone. I've settled on the Ibanez and the VOX ADVT 50W. The VOX seems just as versatile as I want it to be, while it handles metal decently as well.

Hope you all have a nice summer, I know I will.