I can play a few songs, still no solo's...I just dont know where to start...I cant tap for crap and im still not very fast. I need some new things to play and I am just lost. I think a good thing to start doing would to be to start learning theory...but where to you go to start? I dont know what a 5th is...because apparetly a powercord is a couple of strings with a 5th added...or something....and i definately dont understand what the circle of fifths are...

Now im not asking you to tell me what these are...although I am confused....but I need a really good book, or something that I can just sit down and read, and start from step 1 of theory and not leave anything out. Many online lessons seem to assume that you already know some things that I just dont.

Also any ideas on what else I could do to improve would be great! I think since im going to college soon (Georgia Tech in 8 days!) I think ill have a lot more guitar time in between classes. Im going to summer school at ga tech to get a head start and ill only be taking a couple classes, lol, so hopefully i will have a lot of time.

thanks in advance!
I have this book...It's called "Harmony and Theory" its by Keith Wyatt and Carl Schroeder and it's been wonderful for me. They take you through theory and writing/reading music step by step and make it fun by giving you excersizes to do in the book. It's done wonders for me. Give that a try if you can find it!
Honestly, most any book on guitar will do. They have a ton out there.....

they have a bunch of articles on UG, but they are somewhat advanced. I would suggest picking up a book, researching it online, check out the archives. Start with a somewhat beginner's book, then once you've done that, start looking stuff up online.
theory can get complicated in parts, my best advice would take lessons on it; could make it easier to learn.
^Yes that is what Im doing and it is pretty easy.

Threadstarter take lessons if possible. It helps A LOT
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the only thing is though, im going to a tech school for computer engineering (Georgia TECH! WOOHOO)...so theres a lot I do on the computer...and theres a lot of ways for me 2 get distracted...LoL. So im really looking for a book or something that I can read before I go 2 sleep or maybe before I play so I can do some excercises or what not...

I have been wanting lessons, but time has vbeen kidna restricted for me. I find plenty of time to sit down and play the guitar...but I go outa town on the weekends and stuff a lot, so planning a lesson can get iffy, but maybe once I get my schedule at school set I might be able to make some commitments...if I can find someone there to teach me...You can have a car ur first year down there...so getting off campus and to a music store might have some difficulty, lol

but thanks for the replies