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Hey--if you are getting tired of these threads I'm putting up, let me know. I just like reading what people have to say. Really cool responses so far.

Anyways--here's another one from me:

Let's say you had the means to put together a dream jam band with you as the bassist (of course). And let's say that you are in the top of your form. And let's say you have the chance to play in front of a huge audience--like a Live Aid sized audience--for 30 minutes. Who would you choose to be in your jam band? And you are not limited to living folks--this is a dream band. And what would you play?

For me:

Robert Anthony Plant, circa Led Zeppelin III (his voice had bravado, was raw and bombastic then)
John Henry Bonham, circa Zeppelin IV, with gong and tympani
Jimmy Page, circa Houses of the Holy (the ultimate jam guitarist for all seasons)

If I couldn't pull it off on bass, I would play the drums and let John Paul Jones play bass. I do a mean Bonham impersonation on the kit--triplet kick drum fills and all.

We would play the Beatles' "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" for thirty minutes straight. These guys would be able to make it sound organic and interesting for that long, with tempo changes and medleys of other cover tunes in between. Heck, Jimmy could do a theremin/violin bow solo in the middle of it. Wicked.

Yeah, I know--Zeppelin. It's hard to top them for their ability to jam, to call and response, to improvise weird parts on the spot, and to do it all with bombast and bravado. It's either them or the Grateful Dead, but I know more Zep stuff than I do Dead material, and Zep is easier to play for me, so....

That would be a cool Zep cover band name: Bombast and Bravado.
guitarists would be hendrix and Dimebag, i would 'break' my fingers and give cliff burton the bass, then put lars ulrich on drums
I would hav axl rose as singer ( old skool axl ),
Mike McCready as lead guitarist,
Lars Ulrich as drummer,

They would be the bomb!!!!
Michael Kiske on Vocals
Michael Ammot on lead guitar
Steve Harris on Bass
Nick Menza on drums
Chris Cornell - Vocals
Dave Grohl - Rhythm Guitar
Kim Thayil - Lead Guitar
Matt Cameron - Drums


Layne Staley - Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums
Chris Cornell - Rhythm Guitar
Tom Morello - Lead Guitar
rewind back to 1985 (before Cliff died) and jam with Metallica, so I guess there would be two basses
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Jimi Hendrix on Guitar
Keith Moon on drums
John Lennon on Rhythm
My bad self on bass

lets make some music mother****ers !
Chad Smith on drums... I really like his playing style
John Frusciante on guitars... same as why I put Smith in this list
Gwen Stefani on vocals (as in No Doubt, not as her solo act). I like a girl on vocals that has some power in her voice. Or maybe Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes) in stead, another girl that has a lot of power in her voice.
Me on bass.

It would be something between funk and rock...

Buddy Rich on drums. One of the best Jazz drummers around.
Toots Thielemans on Harmonica. An amazing player IMO.
Yann Tiersen on Grand Piano. I love the songs he wrote for films like Amelie Poulain and Goodbye Lenin.
Geike Arnaert (from the Belgian band Hooverphonic) AND Norah Jones on vocals. They both have great voices.
Me on upright

This would be something intimite, a combination of jazz and slow balads.
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If I were playing bass the I would want Charlie Hunter and Pat Metheny on guitars, the great Bob Moses playing drums, Charlie Parker on saxophone, Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet, and Micheal Buble singing. I imagine we would have some of the best slow jazz and bebop improv jams ever.
Robert Fripp on guitar.
Guy Evans on drums.
Tony Levin on bass.
Peter Hamill on vocals.
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Prince on vocals
Jaco on bass
David Gilmour on guitar
Me on keyboard and upright
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Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass
Adrian Smith - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
John Petrucci - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Mike Portnoy - Drums


James Labrie - Vocals
John Myung - Bass
Matt Bellamy - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Kirk Hammett - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Nicko Mcbrain - Drums
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Hansi Kursch - Vocals
Adrian Smith - Lead Guitar
Bruce Dickinson - 2nd Vocals (still lead)
Mike Portnoy- Drums

would be a thrash power metal band with a few prog elements and a lot of experimentation.
Rewind to the pre-breakup of Rage Against the Machine. Timmy C on bass, Tom Morello on guitar, (Maybe throw another guitarist in there, Yngwie or someone, heh), Zack de la Rocha on vocals, and maybe replace the drummer with the guy from SoaD? His name escapes me, but he's amazing.
My dream band has to have OG's in it. Or young ones, if I am more into progressive styles.

Band #1. "Progressive" Of course, I'm not gonna mention russian maestroes.

Drums John Otto (Limp Bizkit) or Matt MacDonough (Mudvayne). Otto has great power and snare technique, while MacDonough could kick the crap out of those shifted rhythmic patterns.

Guitars Mark Engles (dredg).
I just love this guy's style. Awesome effects. Awesome dynamics.

Samples, keys, DJ Andrew Fletcher (Depeche mode, keys) or DJ Lethal (Limp bizkit) Fat Boy Slim (gots to have a brit in me set!)
Fletcher is known for his interesting keyboard sounds. And as for DJ's - no comment. Guys with loads of experience and talent

Band #2. More "rock-ish" approach

Drummer Chad Smith (RHCP), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band

Chad = love his simple, steady groove, he doesn't get distracted when bassist is fiddling like crazy, which will give me more room, and I'll not be afraid of drummer's going of-track when i put like a 16-ths sequence in a song.
Marotta = same as chad, only more energetic.
Beauford = those of you, who heard DMB, especially, live, will understand, that Beauford is a great drummer with lots of techniques. Also, he's a great guy. Both of these elements make creative process much more appealing.

Guitars Mark Knopfler (dire straits), Tom Morello (Audioslave, RATM)

No comment. We all know these guys =)

There are also bound to be additional instruments, but these will prbably be session ype.

Some sort of collaboration between Frank Zappa and Les Claypool probably would have been the coolest thing ever.

Yeah, this band would be killer:

Curtis Mayfield - Vocals
Frank Zappa - Guitar
Les Claypool - Bass
? - Drums
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Three dream jam groups:

1. Jazz
Trumpet- Miles Davis
Guitar- George Benson
Drums- Gene Krupa
Vocals(optional)- Diana Krall

2. Rock
Guitar- Tom Morello
Drums-Dave Grohl
Vocals (optional) Dennis Lyxzen

Guitar/Vocals- Eric Clapton
Guitar- Stevie Ray Vaughn
Drums- Dave Garabaldi
Metal band
Corey Taylor-Vocals
Zakk Wylde- Lead Guitar
Dimebag-Rhythm guitar
Cliff Burton-Bass
Joey Jordison-Drums

Blues Rock band
Dave Gilmour-Vocals
Eric Clapton-Guitar
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Guitar
John Paul Jones-bass
Cozy Powell-Drums
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I follow the guys above formula of genres


Bass- my bad ass self
Vocals- Rob Flynn (Machinehead)
Lead Guitar- Herman Li (Dragonforce)
Rhythm Guitar- Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)
Drums- Dave Lombardo.... who else? (Slayer)


Bass- clone of my bad ass self
Vocals- James LaBrie (Dream Theater) or Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria... and yes, they are prog... pre-hardcore emo prog punk)
Lead Guitar- John Petrucci
Keyboards- Joh Rudess
Drums- Mike Portnoy or the guy from Queensryche

Alternative Rock/Grunge

Bass- the great grandson of my bad ass self
Vocals- Chris Cornell (his Soundgarden days) or Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge- best live vocalist I've EVER heard)
Lead Guitar- Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)
Rhythm Guitars- Dave McPherson (I know I'm gonna get flamed for this... he's the guitarist from InMe... they are Fookin ace, and should be much more popular. Easily better than BFMV or FFaF or Lostprophets)
Drums- Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam) or Dave Grohl (Nirvana days)
I would make a simple 3 piece (alternative) metal band consisting of
Bass - Me! (just because I'm so talented and awesome , I wish )
Drums - Danny Carey from Tool (just because he's like the greatest drummer alive, with his creative and complex fills, mastery of odd-timings and polyrythms, incredible control/use/speed of his hands and feet, and his mental/creative approach to the instrument and the way he goes about playing it, also because he can play tabla )
Guitar - Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah (just because he's got a really unique approach to writing riffs and solos, the fact that most - if not all- of his riffs are written in shifting time signatures and this helps create polyrthms between the strings and the drums, and for his awesome technical abilities and because I think he a Danny would mesh really well, and when Fredrik plays his softer stuff on guitars with a chorus effect than Danny can play his beloved tabla drums... )
Vocals - ??
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Chad Urmstrong on lead vocals and second guitar, J. Frusciante on lead guitar and background vocals, moi on bass, Tim Alexander on le drums.

'Twould be amazing.
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Rock/Punk thing (I know it's not jam....but y'know)
Drums: Travis Barker (blink-182)
Guitar/Vocals: Roger Manganelli (Less Than Jake...he plays bass for them, but he's actually a guitarist)
Bass: Moi

Funk/Jam thing
Drums: Chad Smith
Guitar: Aaron Barret (Reel Big Fish...he's a sick guitarist)
Bass: Moi
Bass#2: Matt Wong (also Reel Big Fish...this guy's got grooooooooooooooooooove)
Vocals: John Frusciante
Assuming I could keep up with these guys:

Jazz Trio
Bass - me
Trumpet/Trombone/Piano/Sax/whatever else he feels like at the moment: James Morrison
Drums - Don't know any great drummers so John Morrison because he'd work well with James.

Songs - So What, long version. Round Midnight, Chameleon

Blues Trio

Bass - me
Guitar - SRV (reason I play guitar)
Drums - again, don't know much about drummers, go with Chris Leyton.

Songs - Little Wing, Tin Pan Alley, Lenny, Voodoo Chile, Texas Flood


Bass - me
Guitars - Angus and Malcolm Young
Drums - dunno, maybe Mike Portnoy
Vox - Brian Johnson (who else would fit the Young Brothers? apart from Bon)

(Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Highway to Hell, For Those About To Rock, Thunderstruck, You Shook Me All Night Long)

Soft Rock

Bass - me
Guitar - David Gilmour
Drums - I have no idea
Vox - Freddie Mercury

Songs - Dunno, probably some wierd jams.

Out of all of those the jazz trio would be the most fun for me I think. Just playing with James Morrison, he's such a brilliant musician. Funny story, I met him a week ago. I walked right up to him, shook his hand and said hi. I then walked off, and realised that my fly was down all the way and wide open.

Yep, I meet my trumpeting idol with my fly down. Only I could have done something like that.

EDIT: added songs
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bob marley- vocals and guitar
me- bass
stewart copeland- drums
jerry depizzo (OAR) - saxophone
Drums - Bill Stevenson
Bass - Moi
Guitar - Robert Quine
Vocals/Myriad other instuments - Tom Waits

We'd have a pirate theme, and we'd call ourselves Blackbeard's Wet Dream.
Guitar - Trey Anastasio of Phish. I love his style and tone. I'd never keep up with him now, but maybe further down the line, peak of my powers, etc...
Bass - Myself, of course.
Drums - Ginger Baker of Cream. I just love his drumming.

We'd run through a bunch of blues covers but jam them out something awful, then maybe rock up a few Dead songs as a tribute to Garcia.

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this is becoming a trend..

chad smith on drums. no kidding this guy just has so much energy and feel in his lines.
synyster gates on guitar. for his epic but metallish sounds.
Ben Kowalewicz from billy talent on vocals, or amy lee, cause she's the hottest goth chick in the world.
Hmm well I suppose mine would sort of be a mash between RATM and Fungus era Incubus...

For guitars I'd have Tom Morello and Mike Einziger because of how their love for effects and making odd noises on guitar would complement each other. I also think it'd be really fun to watch Morello trade off some of his classic drop D riffs with the funky natured chords of Einziger. It would be also quite a sight to see each of them do a solo with Tom opting for his whammy/usual tricks enhanced solos with a side order of speedy finger work(I'd say shred but that'd sound corny)and Mike opting for his stop/start jazzy sort of style. It'd be awfully cool to hear Mike solo in his usual style over a roaring,distorted barre chord chorus. In closing since they're both experimenters I'd bet they'd get along really well together. Their ability to switch from groove based verses to sledgehammer choruses would really allow me a whole shedload of creative freedom when it came down to laying down a line.

For drums I'd probably have Jimmy Chamberlain just because of how random and spastic he can be if he wants to. Its sort of like he'll be playing a steady rhythm and then all of a sudden he'll break out with this huge drum and cymbal fill out of nowhere and somehow manage to make it fit. Since this super group would end up smashing together the sheer noise of alt. metal and the experimental stylings of something like a Fungus Amongus/S.C.I.E.N.C.E Incubus combined with a Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins his drumming ability and experience in a band like the Smashing Pumpkins would make him a great fit.

For vocals I'd find it really unique if it could be a double attack of a Make Yourself era Brandon Boyd for his ability to sustain high notes and make it sound damn pretty doing so and for his ability to sound perfectly fine when he's not belting it out for dear life and all of this would be combined with Eddie Vedder since he'd be able to fill out the lower ranges that Brandon usually doesn't visit. I'd really love it if I could record them singing a song together but have Brandon be in a different register/range than Eddie but still have them both resonate together so you'd hear their voices both sound RIGHT and in the right key but you'd still hear the differences in their vocal range. Its rather hard to explain but if it was done right it'd sound massively cool.

So in the end the band would have a bit of a funk edge to it for the verses,experimental wierdness for the bridges,dueling styles of shred/whammy enhances and jazz/funk staccato and sheer paint peeling,string shredding avalanches for the chorus.

I've been listening to Incubus' first 3 records and the first RATM record so that may explain my bias towards the choices.
tough question

vocals/guitar: frank zappa
guitar: vai or petrucci
bass: claypool, sheehan, or pastorius
drums: portnoy
keys: chic corea
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Vocals: Axl Rose (any time)
Guitar: Dave Gilmour
Guitar: John Petrucci
Guitar: Richard Fortus
Drums: Matt Sorum

Some sort've prog hard rock band thing, those two lead guitarists would be heaven together,

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Vocals-Russel Allen(Symphony X)
Guitar-Stevie Vai
Drumer-Chris Addler(Lamb of God)
Keys-Jordan Rudess
Bass- If not me than Les Claypool or Victor Wooten
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I think some of the responses here aren't 'realistic' enough, obviously the very notion of a dream jam band, alive or dead isn't meant to be realistic, but surely people should choose members that would fit together rather than just being the best in their field for example:

Vocals: Freddy Mercury
Guitars: Steve vai
Guitars: Buckethead
bass: wooten
Drums: Syl drummer

wouldn't work, because all the different styles, try to think of musicians who's styles would complement each other, rhater than the best musicians you can think of.

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Al DiMeola on guitar
Devin Ocampo on guitar
Jaco Pastorius on bass
Ginger Baker on drums

Since it's a "jam band", it probably wouldn't have vocals. If neccessary, Devin is a singer.
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Whoa so much out there.

For a good jam band i think you gotta have a solid beat so i'm goin say Chad Smith from RHCP. solid guy at the back.

Then i would have to have a few bass players: Jaco Pastorius, Mark King, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm; thats like funky melodic rockin playin right there.

Guitar, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet (makin sure i have plenty of 9v batteries for crybaby's), Slash, SRV, Randy Rhoads,

Vox, well in a jam u wouldnt have vox too much, but besides those that sing here, prolly freddy mercury or anthony kiedis.
Seeing as how it's a jam band I have to be careful...

Vox 1 - James LaBrie (I know jams don't usually have singing but LaBrie can hold his notes, he could improvise something i'm sure)

Vox 2 - Brandon Boyd (I just love his voice)

Guitar 1 - Steve Vai (Has to be, he is god)

Guitar 2 - Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth are one of the best power metal acts ever, Vai can do metal type stuff I'm sure and Schaffer has some quite prog-ish ideas to complement Vais wierd style I'm sure)

Drums - Mike Portnoy (Just amazing)

Keys - Jordan Rudess (Can't think of any other keyboard players, but he's good)

Bass - I would say me, but I aint good anough so lets try...Ryan Martinie (He's got skills, I'm sure he could match these guys really well)...or maybe Jaco (need I say more)

There we go, that's mine
Ahh i often dream of such lineups..i wouldnt participate..just watch from the bar!


Elvin Jones
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Paco De Lucia
Chick Corea


Jeff Buckley


Dave Lombardo
Chris Poland
James Hetfield
Cliff Burton
Im not sure anyone has mentioned an actual jam band so heres my dream jam band thats actually a jam band

Lead Guitar-Duane Allman(allman brothers) of course
Rythm Guitar-Trey Anistacio(Phish)
Bass-Me of course or Phil Lesh
Drums-Joe Stickney
Vocals/Rythm-Jerry Garcia
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