Ive Checked out some cool riffs on here, and I have nothing better to do than to ask you how you approach creating these cool riffs posted on forums, in your head, written down, etc. So how do you approach creating riffs.

the weird thing is that... Im inlove with Rhoads, so i listen to his albums every night and I picked up my guitar one day, played a little crazy train and when i got like halfway into the song, i stoped, thought of using pedal tones, then just busted out a sweet riff. But the weird thing is that it fits perfectly with Ozzy's Believer...
I dunno man, I'm quite sure I'm not the most logical person on here as far as what I do...but I just mess around with a drum pattern and kind of vibe off of that. Then from drums I write down ideas and work on words that describe how the sound makes me feel. Then comes a riff...which usually aren't up to what I would like to play lol.
i write one riff, then jam onm that until a whole song comes out, then i get rid of the unncecsary riffs, write some lyrics and impro on an appropriate scale
hmm just now i thought of first... writing down some lyrics to create a mood (minor, major) then having a guitarist make leads/chords in that kind of mood with a bassist. then having the drums explode at the end to fill stuff up...
i always find a decent chord sequence first, then find a decent drum part to fit, record both n jam over the top of that recording everythin i play, that way u can listen back and find out what sounds gud and what doesnt