so is it true that electric are less of guitars because im paying for the electronics... im looking to by a nice ovation and dont know if the older collectors (from 98) are better guitars then the newer ovations (but not as good electronics).
would be great to have some one solve the puzzle for me/
how would the older collectors (or older acoustics in general) compare to the newer age ones?
is newer better...
^-- generally the pickup and preamp on a newer guitar is going to be of higher quality than the ones on older models... otherwise they wouldn't have ever changed them. as far as the overall construction quality and materials quality of the guitar itself, it depends alot on which brand and which generations you are looking at. i'm not terribly experienced with ovations being that i don't own one myself, but i've played several different models and i have two friends that i play with regularly that play ovations. in my limited experience with the guitars, i would say that a 98 ovation and a current ovation of the same model are going to be more than similar. hopefully somebody else can back me up or set me straight on this though.