hey guys,
me and my band (at least we re 3 man: 2 guitars and 2singers and 1 drummer) have the change to play a acoustic show. And we got 70min for the show. But we don't know which songs we should play:
This are songs we're going to play
1: Bob Dylan- Masters of war
2: Creedence clear water revial - bad moon rising
3: monster magnet - space lord
4: beatles - eiget days a week

ok this are 4 songs, but 4 songs arent engough.
So what should we play?
More dylan and beatles stuff? Or some songs from the nirvana unplugged album?

help me please
Why limit yourself to just those? I mean Bob Dylan and The Beatles are great, but I don't think it would be a wise idea to limit yourself to two or three artists if you're doing a show full of covers. Why not throw in some acoustic Zeppelin, or some of GNR's acoustic stuff.

Another little piece of advice. Take some grammar lessons dude. I certainly hope you and your fellow bandmates aren't going to talk onstage like you type.
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Four songs will not cover 70 minutes.
You are going to need a few more than that. Are there other songs that you have practiced together? Have you written some songs? Would the songs, you may or may not have written, sound good if you were to play them acoustically?

I would stick to stuff you know and all of you like (as you will be more willing to learn the songs)


Good luck.... and how long till the show?
the show is in september, so we got much time for practising.

to play complicated is a great idea. that song is really popular.
i dont like gnr, so i m not going to sing knocking on heavens door.
led zeppelin - bron y aur stomp is another funny song, maybe we take this one too.

i m german, so i gonna talk german on stage^^.

more ideas?
jane says by janes addiction if you can find a steel drum (although its not needed it really adds to the song)
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You could play "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" by The Beatles. Or the English version of it, if you so desire.

And GnR didn't make "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". Bob Dylan did.
try wish you were here by pink floyd is a god easy one

yeasterday by the beatsle

drive by incubus

try an electric song unplugged, that would sound pretty cool too
tears in heavan anybody?
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try an electric song unplugged, that would sound pretty cool too

Yeah, go for something heavy like Disposable Heroes. I've heard a version where it's played with a classical guitar. Sounds pretty cool. It may be a bit too long but something like it would be sweet. Then again it depends on the crowd if it would work.