hey, i am going to buy a new guitar soon and im not sure what one i should get, because i want it to sound like the master of puppets record. currently i have my squir with humbuckers in it and i have a behringer v ampire amp but i want some thing that gives a more metallica sound can any one help me with this.

cheers andrew.
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You want some kind of ESP KH or JH. Or another similar guitar fully loaded with EMGs. But Master of Puppets has lots of layered guitars to give it a thicker sound which is hard to achieve so basically if you like the live sound do this.

Oh and drop the Behringer:P
Thanks for reading
In case you just mean the classic metallica distortion sound, i use a behringer ultra metal pedal (a cheapo rip-off of the boss metal-zone) with max distortion, about half high, full low, no mid and about a quarter mid freq. You can tweak this to suit whatever pedal you have, but i find it has a good tone, especially for the MoP album.

EDIT: whoops, didn't read your post properly, you NEED a metal distortion pedal of some description to get a real metallica sound, that is if your behringer amp is only a small one with crappy overdrive, if it's a large amp with good quality dist, still play around with the above settings and see how that goes.
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They use scooped Mids....high bass and treble and low Mids in the EQ. My boss GT-8 has a Heavy Metal Drive Patch and that sounds just like Seek And Destroy and Fade To Black.
But, what you really need is a guitar loaded with EMG's and a Rectifier with High Distortion.
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lol you have the same set up as me only i actually have a pedal, only i dont understand the whole distortion stuff so i dont use it. its a danelectro t-bone i think and it just makes my amp buzz like hell... i so want a boss or digitech pedal

anywho i can play like one of their songs where it sounds like em and thats whiskey in the jar and it doesnt sound that good simply because i cant play worth ****
they use alot of distortion in master of puppets so a pedal may help man.
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u should get an ESP man.. theyre the best i think for classic Metallica stuff and as all u guys mentioned too grab a good pedal...
when i changed pickups and amp a friend came home to see my new gear and played a bit and he said after 10 secs od playing holy sh*t it sound like master of puppets ,u have the same sound (^if that helps,u need mahogany guitar EMG active pickups 81Hum for some crunch,the 85 is too bassy for metallica,
and an amp with a lots of distortion or a good pedal) check my gear but that thing u really want is a mesa boogie and an ESP with active emgs (6000euro gear)

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get one of the kirk hammett ESPs. thats about as metallica as you can get. pretty self-explanatory
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I would say that you will not get Metallica's sound from a guitar alone...
What you need is to save up and buy a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
That will get you as close as posisble to their tone.
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my behringer amp has a mesa boogie dual recto simulation, and i bought a cort EVL-k6 and that has a emg 81 in the bridge it sounds great.
thnx guys