There?s a distant light
In the near future
There?s a pavement paved/covered?
In lawyer suits
And it?s everywhere
I thought I?d ever care for

There?s a game I play
Without any friends
There?s a chance I take
Before it ends
And it?s everywhere
I have ever been

There?s a magazine
Of regret
On a folded table
Of lost bets
And it?s everywhere
I thought I?d be
Wow thats really good. I like the way it can be interpretted as having differnt meanings, and that even if you did have a subject in mind, u dont say what it is.
The only part which i think could be changed is
"There?s a magazine
Of regret"
It just doesnt sound right for some reason, but the rest is really good.
yeah i agree. i think its really kwl. its probably just my mood today, but i read into it as it being about sex =/
I really like it man, nice one. 9/10 from me! I dont think you need to change anything to be honest.
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