Hey ppl .. its me again..
no1 - ok i changed my all the strings on my Yamaha RGX - 220DZ Floyd Rose to a lighter gauge (ie from a .10 onwards i think to a .08 onwards) and my bridge dipped down.. so I opened the plate behind and loosened the screws.. now the scary part is i think ive loosened a screw more than the other and now the Floyd Rose brdge towards my 6th fat string is perfectly parellel but the bridge on the otherside (ie the the bridge holding the 1st thin striing) is slightly dipped.. i def know this is not good.. so could someone help me on this?? which screw must i loosen up and all if theres anything like that??

no2 - wen i strike a power chord without any palm-muting or anything and then i mute the chord a sort of steel-like humming (not feedback, its like the sustain of something wen u hit steel) is sorta comin.. scaring the crap outta me.. any help??? thanks.. yea i know im a dork lolz..
No. 1 - Its probably just the angle that you look at the bridge. The bass side's action is higher than the lower one, so it might be floating quite a bit. ALSO, at the bass side, the body design is slanted, so you may want to look at the treble side of the bridge coz there, the body design is straight and perpendicular, 90 degree to the ground. Adjusting the springs, even if the claw's number 2 screw isnt really perfectly parallel with the 1st screw, it shouldnt cause any problem since it pulling the metal bridge. UNLESS, your bridge is made out of very soft metal and very easy to bend, which i doubt coz that Yamaha is quite ok.

No. 2- Its fine coz you get harmonics when you mute it. Ways to solve this is to muffle the strings with all your fingers and with NO chording pattern or motion, i.e just mute using all ur 4 fingers at all strings and above the frets and not the fretwires if possible. Also, use the neck pickup coz the bridge pickup picks up harmonics a lot better.
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the thing is its not that type a harmonics man.. even if i mute it the way u tell me theres a bitto hum resonating.. its kinda irritating. oh and thank u !! i was beginning to freak out.. phew..