i was just wondering, the schecter damien FR is 50 bucks more because of the floyd rose system, im not sure if i really want a floyd rose i have one now on my ibanez but i was wondering if there was a quality difference in the 2 guitars with the 50 dollar price difference or is the only reason the FR is more expensive because of the floyd rose, basically which one should i choose if i dont really care about a floyd rose system
thanks for the reply, my main concern was a quality issue between the two
Same guitar... one is string thru and the other is FR obviously.

Since you already have a FR on the Ibanez, check out the string thru... they're nice!
It depends on which Ibanez...if it has an Edge III you might like the FR on the Damien better. Try them both out though.

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depends on what floyd you have on your ibanez, and what music you play as some songs may require a floyd