I dont know if its the action.

I think it may be, it just sounds and feels a little weird.

I have a sound clip where im playing unplugged and it sounds like i have an effect on or something, it just doesnt feel right.

Anyone know somewhere i can upload it and ill post?

I think im going to try lowering the action a little, it feels a bit weird to play.

Somethings happened to it or im going insane.
I recently changed strings though, same strings.

Just new ones, could be it. they just seem a little higher maybe, if they do its not very noticable.

They just sound a little strange.
Do the new strings sound "Brighter" or more "Snappy"?
Generally thats how new strings sound till they've been totally stretched and broken in.
Sound more twangy really, but its just today they have kinda sounded a bit like "phasey".

Its a bit odd really.
i know exacty what you're talking about. i had the same thing going on a while ago with a new set of strings. just let em sit for a day or 3 and they should start sounding just fine. they mainly just need to strech.
word to your mother
Ok well i think im going to leave it alone, it seems to be in tune.

Its probably me just going insane and not getting used to my new strings sound.

Should be back to normal in a week.