Hey Hows it goin,

just a question because i have seen so many different lessons on how to alternate pick and how to hold it properly and looked at various guitarists and tried to see how they hold it, through all of this my alternate picking is really letting me down because i never really have been explained properly as to how to properly hold the pick because it is too confusing to tell by looking at a guitarist play and explanations in text. Also whenever i am alternate picking my thumb is always touching the string that im playing or about to play and the string above it. So what i want to know if anyone can tell me in an exact way how i am meant to hold my pick or show me some pictures of examples of how to hold it properly that would be cool.

Thanks Alot.
the best way to hold it is to hold it how its most comfortable. different people hold it different ways. one thing that does help is to not let the back of your index finger touch the pick. another thing thats helpful for alternate picking is slanting the pick sideways