So I'm checking around for a new guitar, and it seems like almost everything around my price range (about $700 US) has a mahogany body, which tend to be too warm for my liking.

Anybody have any recommendations for basswood/alder/maple bodied guitars around (or below) $700?

I'm also planning on installing either 2 Bareknuckle Miracle Man's or an MM in the bridge and a Cold Sweat in the neck, if you know any guitars that mix exceptionally well with these.

Alternatively, is it possible to get a bright, basswood kind of sound out of a mahogany body? Cause I quite like the feel of LP's, just not the tone.

[edit: I'm aiming for a prog metal kind of tone (dream theatre, vai, etc)]

[edit edit: I run through a Fender 75 Single (aka the Fender Twin's unpopular Cousin), and use a boss DS-1 for distortion]
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Seems pretty promising. Are there any similar models without a middle pickup? I'm a bit worried about the extra magnetism sucking up my sustain.
Ah yeah, the prestiges are sick. Might just have to keep saving. Cheers for the advice!
If you're worried about the extra pickup, just lower it as far as it will go...shouldn't affect too much. I did that with my old RG470, for the same reason, and also because it got in the way of my picking sometimes. Or you could remove it, and stick a 2 humbucker pickguard on that baby
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thats one hell of a find. Did it have change in the case? cause you probably stole it from a busker who was off taking a piss.

Also found a few alder bodied Jacksons that are within your pricerange, however, you'd have to upgrade the Licensed Floyd Rose and the pickups so I think your best bet is to go with the RG1570, it's a great guitar except for the pickups which can be upgraded later.

Here's a few Jacksons:
What kind of trem would you recommend to replace the floyd rose?

[Edit: That first Jackson has kind of a sexy-ugly thing going on.]
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Damn buerocratic red-tape name confusionry!

Is there some system for the Floyd Rose that would allow me to quickly snap down to drop D and back for different songs? Or am I just gonna have to keep a backup guitar around?

(Can you guess who's been using fixed bridges his whole life?)
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