Hey wasup? A few weeks back I posted unfinished versions of these songs. Anyway my band broke up a few weeks back... thank goodness... so me and the rythm guit started a new band named Swerftog (It's Afrikaans - I think it means Odysee in English). Please take a look at them and comment on them (esp. the lead parts). Included in the zipfile are midi files and the tabs of the lead guitar.
My songs.zip
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Not bad at all, though it wouldve been better if it were an acctualy recording.

Closure - I love the way it starts up, but when the piano comes in it should hit every bass note on the riff instead of once every 4 times. Everything else fit together nicely though IMO the transitions were a little to sudden. The solo was very good IMO, it flowed nicely, and i like the stop right before. The ending bass riff is a little wierd though.

7/10, nicely done, could've been better but still a good song

Kyk waar is ek nou - Im really dissapounted that this is just midi, 'cuz i think this i the better of the 2. It all fit well, though a couple of the notes in the solo were a bit off.

9/10, Great kudos to you, The best of the 2, a couple tweaks here and there about not choice and it'd be perfect.

I really look forward to seeing what you come up with, I really like you style.
But please acctually record these and the rest of your songs.

And use powertab for your tabbing, free and easy, and you can get it off the site too.
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Thanx for the advice. I'll take a look at your suggestions. And I'll try to get to those recordings done in my june/july holidays.
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