what is a technique that youve never learned and might never learn? for me it would be tapping and chicken pickin'.
Most. I think the list of techniques I HAVE learned is much, much shorter.
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on bass double thumping. I see no point for it other than to wank in front of people, so i will never learn it.
I know how to tap, I'm just pretty terrible at it. Tapping is my biggest downfall with guitar.
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what is a technique that youve never learned and might never learn? for me it would be tapping and chicken pickin'.

whats chicken pickin'? hmm'kay i've never learned tapping to any great extent either.
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Sweeping.. getting there though.
And any multiple-fingered right hand tapping, such as the 8 finger tap demonstrated by buckethead.
Sweep picking - F***ing hard.
Piano tapping - Don't think i will
Play with my tongue/teeth - What for?
Strumming - I can play solos but i can't play a strumming pattern.
o yeah, ive never learned sweep picking either, i might one day though.
Chicken Pickin and proper finger picking also.

Ive learnt how to sweep pick but its at a speed where its not impressive but its gone up 10 bpm since last week so fingers crossed.
Sweep picking is alot easyer then it looks because there is some things that you just cant get the finesse down or whatever but sweeping is just straight practice play the same thing over and over intil you can do it without thinking about it (Hint to noobs use the edge of your pick so it slides over the strings easyer not propper technique but it will help at first)

I've tryed everything on the guitar my only downfall would have to be scales i only know a few and Country "Chickin Pickin" that means lead country work
I'd like to try some Chicken pickin' don't really know any licks though.
I might try sweep picking but I think it takes a bit of power away from the actual solo. I want a listener to hear every note very clear even when i'm doing like chromatics or something.
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Hey what's up with this thread anyway, it's awfully negative. why would you want to declare, "oh, i'll never learn this technique ever, i promise"? if you learn it, you learn it, if you don't, there's no point in committing to not learning it, it might serve you well later...
I never made an attempt to learn how to tap properly. I just feel it isnt necessary as of now in my playing.
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none , i mastered all techniques in 1 and a half year (i think i'm a prodigy)
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I've never bothered with sweeping and tapping, I don't like the sounds of them, so I don't see the point in learning
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im still trying to get my sweeps up to pace, they're not quite right yet, which is really annoying me.........but what im really trying to do now is improve my sense of phrasing for solo's, because basically i suck at them.......when i started learning guitar its like "oMgzOrz ShrEXD Is dA BeSteZ LolZ !!one1" so now im looking at more blues players etc for ideas
Tapping...I do some half-arsed stuff occasionally with my pick, but I don't particularly think it's that important, so I've never bothered to sit and learn it. Arpeggios and sweeping is something else, though I actually started to learn that once, and still practice them a bit.