Who knows where I could get the original version of Budda by blink-182. That's the only blink album that I don't have.
There's an unoriginal version of Buddha by Blink 182?


Maybe you couldn't find it because you were spelling it wrong.
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for
I thought it was only released on casette, but I'm a little behind on my Blink knowledge.
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Green day have to be one of the biggest emo bands in the world (and I still love them). Which do you lot think is there most emo song 'coz me and my friend can't decide lol
you wont be able to find the tape for less than $100. it is almost identical to the CD version released on KungFu but the songs arent remastered and there are 2 or 3 songs that arent on the reissue. the songs are an earlier version of Degenerate, The Family Next Door (not to be confused with the Girl Next Door), and Transvestite. you can DL them here: http://www.punkdisasters.com/?side=media_audio

i dont know if the links are still active though