This is a Giant Balls of Gold cover (solo) that I did a while back, I just wanted to know what everyone here thought about it. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. It was my first take btw, so don't judge too harsh



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Sorry. Didn't like it too much. Not my style. Nice sound though
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I search on drizzle.. and only one AKA drizzla or like showed up.. and theres was no melodi called Giant balls
that worked... damn u play smooth.. not my style of music.. but really good work u did there.. cant come up with any complains,, so if thqats good crit ??
Hey, thanks for critting mine dude.

Not really the thing I'm into, but it sounds pretty cool. Your tone sounds pretty good, but the quality is pretty low. You might try mixing the lead higher though, it sometimes gets lost in the mix.

Nice job
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nice sounds very steve vai (maybe because it is a steve vai song ahaha)

nice job. check out and leave a comment on my cover of Hold The Line. it should be a few topics down from this one.

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