go to that site and click the song Hot Chick. its an ok song. i would like some feed back on the solo. i improvised it in the key of B. also feedback on the entire song would be nice. thx much.

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the song is good, sounds kinda monotone, you should to try to add in a breakdown or two just to get some feeling into it. but the solo was pretty sweet. i liked how it came out of the song.
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Pretty solid. It needs a little more though. If I were you, I'd play 6 verses, then a 12 minute solo, another 6 verses and an end
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thx much. i will take into consideration the breakdown. its not a bad idea.
I thought I was the only one... Dammit.
i thought it was pretty good except for one thing. i hate where you strum the chord, let it ring, and wait part. i think it needs a little guitar fill or something. am i the only one that doesnt like that part? good song though.
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that was a pretty sick solo, i like how it came in. the distortion and licks used at the begining of the solo sounded very black sabbathy,kind of like the paranoid solo. after that it was good too, not too long, not too short. keep up the good work bro
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umm not sure. i think theres a new feature wear u can have more. i had the singer put it on so i dont really know.

thx for responses everyone. ive been doubting myself in guitar a bit lately. im not practicing like i should. but im glad to see im not getting worse.

I thought I was the only one... Dammit.