I have been playing the guitar for about 2 years one year casualy and another in lessons. Until reacently I have been content with playing my cheap electric guitar bought for me by my parent on my birthday. It was a starter pack. Now that I'm getting more serious about playing the guitar I am giving some serious thought to investing in a better guitar. My budget would be around £200-£300 or $370-$550. I like to play all styles of music so I would like a balanced guitar. And something that would last me for a long timebecause I don't intend on buying another for quite a while. Any suggestions are welcome. And thanks in advance.

I was personally thinking about this
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What kind of amp are you running through? That will make a much larger change to your sound than a new guitar.

If you're content with the feel of your current guitar, you might want to consider changing the pickups instead.

Could you give some examples of what you play? I mean, nobody really plays 'every style'. A general rule of thumb in all things is that spreading specialization yields poorer results, so the less of a jack-of-all-trades you look for, the more satisfied you'll probably be.
Fender Stratocaster. It's a very good guitar, perfect for all styles (except for the really hard ones, like hardcore and such) and the neck is real thin so you can reach everywhere on the fret board.
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I'm planning on gettng an amp after I get the guitar so I'm not too concerned about that. I do need to change the whole guitar because it's made of plywood. And I play mostly rock and soft rock. In fact now that I think about it that's all that I play.
Plywood, eh? That can't be good.

An alternative to the Fender Strat is the Yamaha Pacifica, which is another strat-style budget guitar. Neither of these guitars are amazing, but for their price, they're both incredible.

You could also check out an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which are copies of one of the most popular makes of guitars ever. LP's are pretty much the staple diet of vintage rock.
A lot of people will complain that Epiphone LP's are worthless and can't hold a candle to the original Gibson models. That's just pretentious ****talking. While it's true they're not as good, they're still fine guitars, and with new pickups, can deliver a great sound.
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I was thinking of a Yamaha Pacifica but my guitar teacher said that the were a waste of money and I should avoid them. My friend has an Epiphone les paul, I think I'll ask his opinion.
Hmm...Your teacher a metal fan perhaps? The pacifica's more at home for mellower stuff, it's not too great for chunky fatness.

If you do decide on an Epiphone LP, make sure you change the pickups, as the stock ones are like mud soaked in molasses.

Very few guitars are a waste of money if you use them right.
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