My friend said to me the other dya after jamming around with the band. Hey if you lijke metalcore these guys are for you, I said what the hell let me borrow the cd.

Hot Damn are they good? Anyone else find them pleasurable in their pants?
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
i love them, ever since i heard them a couple months ago. their new cd is really good, alot different than their old.
meh. they are pretty generic sounding, but i still like them.
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I think you should listen to Bodom_Shredder7.

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Listen to Bodom_Shredder, he knows what hes talking about

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Bodom Shredder was right

I saw them last year when they opened for Cult of Luna wayyy before they got signed to Victory and well they didn't fit the show at all
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theyre pretty good. embrace the gutter is a pretty solid album

Steel instruments shine in
A lively light of green substance
Dead or alive
Bodies and souls are waiting for the contact with these macabre tools
They are only creations made alive
yeah in my opinion they are def a headbanging group of guys, they remind me a lot of as i lay dying, but i think the guitar is a little better in the autumn offering