Well, I've been planning on doing some crazy stuff with my Squier. I have a couple of questions for you, though.

I'm going to replace the neck I love the Jackson style neck, and the feel is perfect for me. I know that the Jackson neck is 24 frets, though, and my Strat's neck is only 21 frets. I also know that the Jackson neck is square, and the neck I have now is slightly rounded (I'm talking at the base, where it joins the body and is bolted on). So, my questions are, will the neck fit/work right, and can I carefully sand the neck to round it, so it fits?

Then, I have some questions around the pickups. I'm going to replace the pickguard with an HH style, and install either an EMG 81/85 pair, or EMG 81/Seymour Duncan Humbucker. Would this new pickguard/pickup setup go in fine, with no drilling or anything to make room for it?

I'm not going to change the bridge, because I've never had any problem with it, and since I play mostly rythym, I never use the tremolo bar. Would you recommend that I get a new bridge?

Thanks for the help.
EMG's will sound appaling in that, EMG's only sound good in mahogany
the neck won't fit
just buy a new guitar
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First of all, are the two necks the same scale lenght? Assuming they are, you want the heel of the Jackson neck to end at the same fret as the heel of the Squier neck. If the Squier neck has no overhang, then the last three frets on the Jackson neck should overhang the body which would put them in the way of the neck pickup. So basically, if you haven't had to remove the neck pickup, the neck probably won't intonate correctly.
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