hey i already know im gonna be getting an epi lp either standard or custom and will have either $300 or aroud $200 to spend on the amp depending on which i go with.
what would be a good amp to compliment an epi. If it helps i play alot of Eagles, Skynyrd, and Doobies
If i were you, i'd rather buy a epiphone les paul plaintop, leaving 400 for a new amp, save up another 200 bucks and buy a fender hot rod deluxe combo amp.

The plaintop is actually better than the custom or the standard, seeing as how it has better wood material, and is a hundred bucks cheaper. The thing with standards and customs, is that they're made with an alder/mahogny combo, which kind of ruins the les paul tone in the guitar. The reason why they're more expensive is that they are better looking.

Also, the Custom is IDENTICAL to the standard in every respect except cosmetics. Sound, feel are the same.
Go for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard plain top over those other two. It's identicle to the standard, but it has a plain maple top instead of a flame maple top. It also has a mahogany body instead of a alder/mahogany body. It will have much better tone.

As for the amp, save the extra you have from getting the plain top and get a nice all tube amp.
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