Anybody else have a gloss black finish guitar?I own a Schecter Omen 6 with the gloss black finish. What is the best way to clean it? I love the color, but every fingerprint shows. I have been using a glass lens cleaning cloth, but I have notice small scratches, is this just going to get worse and worse until the finish looks like ****, or is their a way to stop or prevent this? Thanks for the help!
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unfortunatly black has a habit of showing scratches using a glasses dust cloth is fine as long as you make sure theres no dirt on it i usually wipe my guitars every time i play then use somthing like dunlop guitar polish or similar and be careful with belt buckles they always scratch!
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Yeah, it is a fairly new guitar and it already has small scratches on it. Thanks for the advice! (I always make sure that my shirt is clean and that I don't have a belt on when I play)
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I just got a black Omen 6, with factory scratches. I haven't really played it much. Don't have an opinion on it yet.
yup they scratch like a biotch shame... my hellraiser has a load on it aswell its like 2 months old

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