hey i am writing a song and i have the intro and the chour done

intro {clean}

B         1
G   2 
D 2  2     0h2p0      times 4 {4th time miss out 0h2p0}
A       2

verse{not done}

chours {lots of distortion}

G               7                4   7
D 0h2p0 7 0h2p0 7 0h2p0 7 0h2p0  4 7 7    times 4
A       7       5       7        2 5 7
E       5               5           5

what do u think i should do for the verse, maybe some more chord picking?
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make it easier for yourself

instead of the
0h2p0 7

0h2p0 0
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but the way on the chours the last 3 power chord are wrong i can not fix them the code this is crap the power chord are F# then D then A
it's that crazy 4/4 timing
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