I love my guitar to death and everything but I have one thing I don't like. It sounds like crap in my opinion through a PA system anywhere. It has the stock pickup ES-Blue or something but it's not even close to sounding like the ES system in the higher end Taylor guitars. So I've been thinking about getting a new pickup for my baby. I have no knowledge about acoustic pickups whatsoever. I'm looking for more "twang" I guess in my sound if you know what I mean. Because right now it sounds really mellow and dull when I play plugged in a speaker system like in my church.

I'm kind of looking for a sound like in this video.
You can hear the "twanginess" while he's playing. Can someone help me in finding a new pickup? I know he's playing a Martin and it sounds beautiful and I'm longing for that sound...I can't afford a Martin at the moment so yea...
I'm looking for something around $150 or less.
Thanks in advance.