Hey guys,
Recently, when playing my Kramer 1984 through my JCM 800 combo, ive noticed that even with a noise gate, my guitar feedbacks like mad. The only effects i have running right now is a boss super overdrive through the effects loop of the Boss NS2. Do you have any suggestions on how to lower the feedback? The feedback is present at all sound levels but especially at 5 and above because ive been cranking it to get a better tone (my neighbors must love me )
Do you think potting the pickup (a stock Gibson 84t btw) would help? Thanks for any and all suggestions guys! This would really help me out alot!!
Yes, if it's not potted correctly, especially if it isn't potted at all it will probably fix your problem.
Is your noise gate set at the right settings?

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Is your noise gate set at the right settings?

Yeah the thresh hold is maxed out and still doesnt do much. How difficult is it to wax pot the pickups by yourself?
the ns-2 sucks. i have one, and it's in the box now. i have an ISP decimator and it works wonders. potting the pickups will deffinatly help.
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Not hard to wax your pickups. You get some parrafin wax, melt it and dip your pickups in it. Put rubber bands around it so that the tape around the coils doesn't come off. Pull it out, let it cool and take the wax off the top. That's all you do.