tell the vocalist to cheer up
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I like the "Hey" from the back vocal
You should play and sing, hmmm "A Little HARDER" for that kind of music
ya man ur vocalist needs to add some emotion and variation to his voice, other than that its pretty solid, guitars are a little off though.
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Its good but vocals need to be better id say. Anyone know how to get the perfect gree day sound from a pod xt live? really needit cheres
I'm not even going to apologize....Is your vocalist dying? Guitar playing is soo stiff...not very good

3/10, for at least putting the song together...
Yeah, the vocalist could do with some happy spray, give him some lithium or something.

I liked the way it was actually "covered" as such, not just copied exactly.
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It's not bad singing, It's just that he isn't singing he's talking, you need to turn the mic down for some space for him to sing
Listing while typing. Your guitars need a ton less treble and gain. that or crank the mids and bass. No offence but your singer is almost funny because he doesnt change pitch once and a while. It almost sounds like hes talking. Also, on the intro and verse, the guitars need to make their notes flow more. The solo sounds ok. The bridge before it though needs to be more fluid like the verses do. It just sounds so choppy. I think its about a 5.5/10. Can you crit some of my songs for me?

Metal riff

The Trooper

Crazy Train
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I like the "Hey" from the back vocal

That was pretty funny

Play with more energy... you guys sound dead.