I know all yer standard guitar shapes makes and fakes, but I couldnt name this one. Nick (?) of Franz Ferdinand fame uses a semi acoustic and a solidbody in their Edinburgh gig but I couldnt name either. I liked the sound of both, quite choppy and punchy, and might get one if i can find what they are, how much they are and have a play with one. Could anyone with any ideas post them?

idk if this helps or not but click the image for a bigger view

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idk if this helps or not but click the image for a bigger view

the guy to the right has a fender strat neck, but the guitar isn't a fender
and a Epiphone Wilshire i think.

edit... oops someones already found that one.
I thought it was an "olympic or something..." but ive never seen one for sale. Cheers! not a bad price either
its a hagstrom, theyre getting rare, that model especially.
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