Hey guyz,

i wanna buy a new e-git and i wanna hear your coments to it, goods and espacialy bad

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good is, who knows why 2 tape the guitarstrap
no bads yet the mahogany body is quality and the wizard neck is awesome with a very sleek bolt on rounded neck joint make sure to get the ZR trem on a newer one. Tone is thick and never shreeky sounds and feels professional and so comfortable standing sitting, laying. once you play with the wizard he pwns you.
Own it, love it, can't part with it. The only thing it needs is a pickup change.
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hack another one for me, except i love the QM1/QM2 combo. also mine's an Edge version, not the ZR.
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I just bought that exact model (natural fade finish) last week. In typical Ibanez fashion, the pickups are aweful, which is to be expected. Aside from that however, it plays beautifully. The ZR tremolo ruined Floyd Rose for me forever, this thing kicks ASS.
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i own it and love it. Stock pickups are a little generic, but still very versatile. plays like a dream and the ZR trem owns. the finish on the DXQM model is amazing. very light, but good sustain. It does have a very strong low-end, though, but that can be changed with pickups and adjustments.

very nice, i like S series', so yeah, I dont have any real problems to point out with this guitar, 'cept the pickups, but theyre ibanez stock, so what d'ya expect?

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Yeah, I haven't ever played one plugged in except once with a really crappy amp at school, but I know they feel absolutely wonderful, and acousticly have some snap to it (which usually translates to a godly good tone with some good pups in it)
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hack another one for me, except i love the QM1/QM2 combo. also mine's an Edge version, not the ZR.
I finally found another guy with a Prestige S, I got the bubinga top model and yes the QM1 and QM2 arent bad pups, they have me thinking twice about swapping them out.