So, I havn't posted any lyrics in here in a long time. For anyone who remembers, this is kind of a deviation from my usual style. The song is intended to be funny, so read it with a light heart. And if anyone on here has a MySpace, I think you'll get the humor more. Ok, enough babble, here's the song.

Clicks (MySpace)

Last login date is yesterday
The new layout?s hipper in so many ways
I see your birthday?s in a week
It?s weird the guy with the most friends is a computer geek

Chorus: I?ve gotta check my comments
Gotta post a new blog
I?ll approve this new friend request
Even though in her pic she looks like a dog

My digital camera?s my right hand man
With my mirror we make quite a team
I say new pics up in a bulletin
The scan the profile of a kid?s band that only screams




Outro(Same as chorus): A generation lost in MySpace
No reason for anyone to pick up a phone
But if you?re ever on MySpace
Check us out at myspace.com/wcskatones

So there it is. It's upbeat, fast, fairly generic third-wave ska. So any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Pretty good. i have a myspace, so i see what the jokes are about even though im not the stereotype of a myspace person cuz i go on for like 1 minute a day, check my music myspace, then leave for this site lol. but good song!!!! im writing joke ska songs too. one about rich kids, and another about jocks, and another about being a hermit.
tehehee, oh so true...
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I thought it was just O.K. Too many songs about Myspace right now. With that said, I loved how you plugged your own myspace.