Hey please tell me what u think on this... theres no bass yet and its all guitar


-sorry but the copy/paste isnt working on my computer for some reason so go to:

-first song listed under "new acoustic song"
First of all the guitar is a little piercing for a chillout song and this would make a great chillout song.
Second, the first 1.5 minutes are pretty repetitive but i like the change at 1:30. Its a little too much like the origional riff though.
It is a bit boring with just guitar. I do like the main riff but it is boring after a while. Drums might help to jazz it up a bit, idk. The arpeggios are cool but at 4:30 (i think) the main riff is a little worn out.

its allright, a bit boring, but it would make me go to sleep pretty well.
this versions a bit longer than its usually played but can i get anybody elses opinion?
ill crit back