I think its pretty good... I added my own smooth improv guitar solo, my vocals, and my rhythm playing. I tried messing around with some vocal effects, and came up with this. I hope its alright.

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The times they are a-changin'
Awesome! I was going to record this but I forgot about it. Maybe I will soon, it's a pretty easy song...
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That was a pretty sweet cover. The guitar was great and you've got a really nice voice. The solo wasn't bad either, though at points it sounded like you were "hesitant" in playing notes, but you said it was improvised, so that can sometimes occur. Overall, good job.

The one real complaint I have is that at times it sounded like you hit the microphone or something, and it would echo and make an obnoxious "dup!".

Other than that, the cover was really good. Keep up the good work.
Well, I wasn't really hesitant. I'm rather comfortable with my improvising, its just the effect sort of gives that impression.
*Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin'