this will be my first "song" (posted on UG at least), i wrote it intoxicated and didn't want to change it so i just left it as a wall of text, sorry for the inconvenience. some of it is rather obscene, and i'm not sure if religion was a no-no or not so i'll censor the obscenities and mark the line that talks about religion.

the Earth is hostile, so impersonal
**** that she loves me it's just you imbeciles
who sit back and laugh as you rape the ****ing land
while the Children of the Earth battle to take a stand
against your lack of logic and infinite ignorance.
humans haven't seen such a disgrace ever since
RELIGIOUS **** the birth of religion and still you sit blind **** RELIGIOUS
i know this hurts but i know you don't mind
cause you've told me all my life what i can and can't hear
well guess what mother****er the time's finally here
i'm taking a stand and preparing to fight
and if you're really lucky than the people just might
sit back and watch their plastic television
while the scars you create are just like an incission
straight to the heart of your one and true mother
as if that's not enough you attack your own brother
well what will it take for you to open your eyes
see through the blinds and finally realize
that the possessions you own in this life and the next
only contribute to your selfish material quest
but the impact you make on this earth by yourself
will stay here longer than the plastic that melts
these words aren't wisdom they aren't even true
they're meant as a pamphlet of information for you
take them and make them into something constructive
we need to start now, of that i'm positive.

cause Mother Earth's not dieing she's already dead
even if she could she wouldn't rest in your bed
cause everything you own is made of her blood
and i pray every night that she'll send down a flood
i know it won't happen cause she loves you too much
all she ****ing asks is that you put down your crutch
cause for millions of years we lived without cars
but now it's impossible for you to look at the stars
take a moment of your day and try to understand
we only have one Earth and it's not only mans.

ever since you stopped and said slow it down
nature's been laughing cause it thought you were clowns
thinking you could have your cake and eat all of it too
well the resources of which were many are now ****ing few
praise your corporations and the the nonsense they give
just remember that one day they won't let you live.
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Freakin Hippies.........anyway, the "song" I guess would work in certain genres, but none that I would care to listen to. Too opinionated in my opinion.
boy i wish i could write that good when under the influence...

Its good 'englishly' just not really my cup of tea, its slightly dark but thats just me

I like the fact that the rhymes didnt seem forced which i think aided the flow of the piece imeseurably...the title was good aswell, it really lends itself to the song rather than take something out of it (literally that is)... liked the religous reference as well...so ye all in all a good piece...just a bit dark for me really
Wow this is truely brilliant! Really enjoyed this! I seriously have no cririsisms.
Wish i could write like this in general, not just while intoxicated.
liked it, man. Finally someone else on ug that can rhyme

this brings back memories of an art lesson where my friend was stoned, we gave him a piece of paper, and said draw whatever comes into your mind.
He drew a demon with a saw, and a bunny with a watering can. Its a good story, i must tell you sometime.

back on subject, i really liked the rhymes, some of them were really clever.
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I thought it was good. I don't fully agree with some of it, but I'm *pretty* sure I saw a moral behind it, and that was good. It'd be a good punk song, sort of, but Environmentalist Punk seems sort of strange to me, though there are people that are angry about people hurting the Earth. Unless this is about something totally different, which would be cool because then it'd make me think even more.
Cant be said enough...the way we treat this ****ing planet you'd think we had a spare on hand...the hippies have it right, dont waste nothing and dont destroy the ground from whence you came
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...bingo. signaturisation. like burnination, only even more flamey.

Worth listening to
who sit back and laugh as you rape the ****ing land
while the Children of the Earth battle to take a stand

I feel that this is the stand out of the song. It hurts my eyes to read and I just feel some of the name calling and swearing is a little forced.

I do enjoy the anger and this is indeed the sort of thing we need to think about today, just try to find vocabulary to convey your emotions and I'll enjoy it more.
inspired by tool? its good and it is like a cross between aenima and vicarious AT THE SAME TIME!!!
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