wow.. that was great. nice tone. the playing was great. i was digging the solo man.


ps: Nice pinch harmonics in that riff the second time around
twas good, it's not a really hard song to play, but as they say playing a simpler song well is way more impressive then playing a hard song poorly. Not much to say it was pretty much perfect.
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Listening while critting. I like so far, its really good. The tone is pretty good, but you sound like you have a flanger on or something. I think it would be better without it. I like the fill for the first chorus. Your harmonics and pinch harmonics are really good too. You kinda changed the chorus around, but it sounds good and original. tapping part of solo is pretty good. You also have a nice vibrato. I like the different ending from the solo. The main riff sounds pretty good, and your verses sound really great too. I would give it a 9/10. Would you mind critting mine here?
its not a flanger, its some kinda chorus sound, well its really nice for leads but youre right, wrong for this one
Sounds really good. Turn the levels down on the instruments next time around though. It was a little much. But that could also be because I'm listening through headphones. Regardless, playing was good. Solo was pretty good. Good job buddy.
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how'd you get the harmonics?
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that was really good

i loved the tone
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