Anyone know if a Crate GX1200H head is any good? I was offered one for $150. I want to know before if it is ever worth going to see.

And don't say, "play it and decide for yourself" because there are clearly good amps and bad amps, how they sound is subjective.
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For 150 bucks its a good deal. But, it doesnt sound all that great. The clean channel doesnt sound very good compared to other amps in that price range, but the distortion is better than other SS crate amps. Its really up to you. If you have a cab, i'de say go for it. You wont find a better price for that amp.
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I would say no. Unless, you are desperate for an amp and you only have $150 and absolutely no other source of income. Nevermind... actually just sell your body and buy a tube amp.
For the price there's no reason why he shouldn't tap that. It's decent sounding, and it can handle gigs (I know from experience). If you end up getting a good tube amp, you can use that for lower volume practice or if you really don't need/want to push your tubes for a short practice session.

You can also re-sell it to someone and make a little bit of profit. If you're saving up for something better then that'll help you on your way.