Man, This fella is a legend, He is like the new hendrix. Im just after coming back from his show and I was swept off my feet, I mean He played half a song with the guitar behind he's back, Aww juat A-****ing-Mazing!!!
yeh i saw him aswell. he is awesome!!!! his dvd sucks tho.

he has so much energy and can really play the blues.
yeh..............but his dvd does show up some bad playing.....but hey its blues............technique doesnt matter.
I saw him last night. Wow, one of the best concerts I've been to yet. He came into the crowd and was playing. He stood about a yard in front of me playing Jonny B. Goode and it blew me away. I got his 'I'm What you Need' cd signed to me and shook his hand. Such an awesome guy.