What do ye think of Therion, I think they are class, they fuse Orchestra and Metal to make some freaky music!!
Pretty good but I got bored with them eventually. Perhaps I didn't give them enough of a chance. The lead singer in my band loves them.
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Their sorta get repetitive thru their albums, but they are class none the less!!!
I like the idea, but the execution doesn't make me too happy... IMO they kinda butchered Carmina Burana with that weird groove to it.
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
Morsch sind Baum und Pfad
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
mir ist kalt...
Saw them live last year and it was an ok performance. But the band is great, Theli is a classic and even though the newer albums have some fillers there are some great songs to them. Love the choir vocals.
Very good band. A bit cheesy, and can get very repetitive if you listen too much, but awesome in small doses.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Felt like giving this thread a bump, since Therion own. Secret of the Runes is one class album. Anyone seen em live? I saw em when they came here, in a little club, like 50 people, was sad that there was no one there, but they played like their was 1000, was awesome, they played tons of great songs too. I had like 18 simultaneous orgasms during the extended solo part of Siren of the Woods, the guitarist can shred like a mother.
i agree therion is one of my fav bands of all time. The mix of metal and opera is just genius and christopher johanson is the most under rated guitar player in metal. That dude is a metal mastermind he composes all the music. just purchased the best box set to date go out and get it guys.
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I adore them . I love the choir in lives and how they mix metal elements with classical music . That blond guy is a genious man.
I got into them when I got a wacken video with all their live performance at 2001 . OMG , I cant stop watching..
Therio FTW !
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