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Right now I'm working on I'm Alright by Neil Zaza. It's not too hard, and yet and the same time still providing a challenge. Definitely improving my string skipping technique.

EDIT: After reading the following 2 posts, I need to say that Crazy Train was my first shred song and then Eruption. I'm Alright is my 3rd.
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Eruption by Van halen....and bits of Hanger 18...
But I never learn songs much.
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First true shred... Marty's solos in Holy Wars.
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crazy train, then eruption, the parts of arpeggios from hell
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under the influence

(had to say that before someone else did)

but seriously my first "shred" songs were:

crazy train
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crazy train solo= shred???

i can understand Eruption, but.... crazy train?
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My first would be ummmmm.....the solo from Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild," if you consider that shred.
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First, Zap by Eric Johnson. I can't really think of anything that was easy though.
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Still haven't learned a full shred song :
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My first was Satchs Always with me, always with you - hardly shred... but there's some fast legato passages and a tapping section. I made it my business when starting to shred to get every note clean and accurate though, and thought that'd be a mediocre technique wise song to start off with.
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Far Beyond the Sun for me. I can hardly play it anymore though

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Answers : Steve Vai
although it doesnt have any "shred"
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Stevie Vai - Tender Surrender

Cheated on a couple of parts (like the ascending sweep pattern) but apart from that I got it all down in a couple of weeks.
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I learnt Evil Eye, Trilogy Suite op5 and Far Beyond the Sun around the same time. Then i moved on to learning every song off Countdown to Extinction.

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If metal songs with shreddy solos are being includedI actually can do a lot more of what is known as 'shred' than I thought, my first was probably Crazy Train seeing as that's being counted. Can play quite a few more, but 'Black Star' other than the solo is quite easy (just learn D# harmonic minor and play quickly.) Thats what I did anyways.
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^ I can play Sisters but i wouldn't say it was shred.

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