My friend gave me this amp cuz he got a new one, and it came with his yamaha starter pack. The speaker broke and it produced ****ty buzzing noise. Anyways so the other day I plugged in my MIA Strat into it and put on headphones. Wow, the clean channel is great and I believe it's got a lot of potential. The overdrive sucks though. I thought to myself ''If it sounds this good with my headphones, will it sound as good with a nice speaker?'' So that is my question. Also if you guys can tell me what can I do to maybe even expand the wattage capacity and switch the case or something? $100 max.

Yes, I might sound like an idiot - Yamaha GA10. http://www.yamaha.ca/content/guitar/products/guitaramplifiers/GA10/keyfeatures.jsp
yea, as long as the electronics arnt ****....find what size the speakers are and what wattage the amp is, most likely a 15 watt amp if it came with a starter pack, and by case if you mean the box the speaker and amp combo head is in, yea you can build one yourself

EDIT: look into some celestians (sp)
yea thats what i figured, i dunno if they make celestains in 8, most likely they do, we need Pink Queen in here, amp expert pretty much

try to talk to That_Pink_Queen

he will definately tell you what you needa know
Just measure it, And most speakers dont' come at 8 inches, maybe it's ten inches probably.
The Kustom tube 12 apparently has a celestion 8'' speaker, so Iguess they do make them. Dont know if there anygood though. See if the cab can be cut to fit a ten inch speaker, it will sound fatter than an 8 inch.
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Just measure it, And most speakers dont' come at 8 inches, maybe it's ten inches probably.

i have a random no-name amp with an 8" speaker. i don't think their very common though.
Haha, I used to have a Yamaha GA-10, wasn't that great, although I can't really remember what it was like....
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Yeah, I said most speakers, especially aftermarket speakers. I've know celestion makes 8 inch speackers but I think they are made specifically for companies to put in small practice amps.