I know this will not be for everyone... but hey, its a guitarists tool all the same.

some details here if you want to see more...http://www.hiptonez.com/mobile/

but the simple scoop is...that they now have a guitar tuner available as an application that sits in your mobile or cell.

how much more will they cram into these things...? i tell you... plenty.

in any case... has anyone got a guitar tuner in their mobile already? accurate? functional?

bit of a novelty... but hey... i am still drawn to the occasional bright light

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It might be a good thing to have if you end up playing an out of tune guitar at the guitar store and have no tuner. I think I would jus invest in a normal tuner other than that.
I actually used a guitar tuner on a PDA.

It was the WORST tuner I've ever used.
I think I just ended up tuning by ear and another tuned guitar.