Well when I bought my drum set the guy told me to put a pillow in it, I have had my drum set for about 4 months and have yet to do anything with that pillow, if I took it out would it do anything other than make it louder. They guy at the store told me it could damage by bass and i wouldn't want that.....
man it just makes it so the sound isnt so muffled. it gives it more of a punchy tone. it also makes it so it doesnt echo at all. do it man, it will sound waaaaaay better
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the pillow is the equivalent of a palm mute.

the drums heads are more likely to crack, since you'll have more "echo" in there, but it shouldn't be a prob unless you have a super-weak set, or you beat the hell out of it.
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Pillows and foam lining make it sound alot better, also consider cutting a hole in the head(the one that you dont hit). Go to the drum world forums for info on this stuff
yes it just muffles the sound so it doesnt resonate or ring, i have a pillow in my bass drum too as i also have a hole cut in the resonant head (the one you hit is the batter head), it wont damage your drum, if it ever did do anything it would break the drum head and thats only like $30 for a nice remo head, but it shouldnt do anything as my friend doesnt have one in his and its fine and has been for more than 3 years
I've got a pillow in one of my bass drums and no pillow in the other. Taking the pillow out of the bass will make it ring longer. This makes most songs sound muddy but there are some songs it helps to fill out. Experiment with it and see what you like. It will not damage your drum, or your drum heads to take the pillow out. Anybody that tells you not to experiment with it should not be trusted.
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