When im Improving a solo when playin with my band or just at home practicing, it seems as if i have alot of different licks with mayn different sounds, but the phrasing is all very similar or the same, whats a good exercise to do when trying to phrase things differently. I usually keep very strait on the beat, with short sticcatto notes, its it helps at all.

This is my main problem, and phrasing is a HUGE thing to have a problem with, so any help is great!
Thanks in advance.
Yea i do that but it only lasts for a single phrase, and the main bulk of the solo would be diff, im talking more about rthyms, like all these pros liek vai and stuff do quintuplets and blah blah blah, so how do i practically use these in my playing ( learn to use them )
- Practice them in practice (someone had to said it)
- Practice solo's you like, you said Steve Vai, try a couple of licks from him
- Play one note, for a whole hour and try to get different phrasings/rhytms. Then try two notes, then three etc.
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listen to brian may, his phrasing is soo gd.........also listen to a lot of the electric blues players, BB king etc
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You can learn ALOT about phrasing from expanding your listening, i.e. Jazz

yea i really found that it so helpful thanks i prolly should more tho, its just so hard 2 find good jazz gtarist, yano, joe pass, wes, Reindhardt, etc, only the famous ones who are some other greats?
Shawn Lane, Guthrie Govan, Allan Holdsworth, Al Di Meola, John Mclaughin, Paco De Lucia...they're all very popular jazz/fusion players.

I STRONGLY reccomend that you pick up another insturment and/or listen to other jazzers who play different insturments (piano, sax, trumpet etc.) You can pick up a lot of different phrasing ideas from other insturments.
yes they said it before but its worth stating again, listen to different kinds of music (blues,jazz,classical etc) that all have different phrasing techniques in it, it will totally help you and give you new ideas and inspirations to throw into your solos..... also, listen to instruments that aren't guitar and that can help a lot (a great example of this is Tom Morello, that man does the wackiest things with a guitar) learn from everything you listen to.
Syncopation is your friend.
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